They are greeted by clothes, the first impression cannot be made twice, and many more words are said about how important it is at first sight to show your pluses, and not vice versa. In the business world, this principle plays a key role. When you first visit the site, the consumer needs just a few seconds to form an opinion about the company. At the same time, web site design implies several criteria:

The simplicity of the interface and its intuitive understandability.
The presence of adaptive layout (for any device).
Visual presentation of information (how easy it is to perceive whether important data is highlighted).
Corporate identity as a business card (color scheme, fonts, presentation form).
If in the first seconds the site makes a worthy impression, its conversion is growing before our eyes. And it’s hard to argue with that. Each visitor involuntarily compares the design and usability of the page with your competitors that he just studied. It is the visualization of the concept of the company that is able to persuade the consumer to move from the category of potential to real.

The goals of developing web site design are to interest the buyer, form a recognizable brand, and increase profits.

Depending on the direction of activity and tasks, there are several areas of work:

Redesign. If you have changed the scope of work or simply consider the existing site uninteresting and outdated, redesign is the solution to the problem. The new stylish design will attract an interested audience, increase your credibility among already regular customers, and allow your site to become more competitive.
Adaptive layout. Today, 30-40% of Internet users use gadgets for no-surfing. If the site is not “read” from the phone and tablet, you can lose the main audience. Convenient adaptive layout is the key to increasing conversion and increasing sales.
Landing page. One-page business card site containing basic data about your offer. The client spends a minimum of time familiarizing himself with the activity, all the information at his fingertips. This is a rapid expansion of the audience with a minimum of waste.
Corporate website. Actual for a company providing services. Appropriate website design is a powerful lever of influence on the client. If the pages “catch” visually, the visitor subconsciously wants to become a client of such a stable and successful enterprise.
Application. Application design, perhaps, is an even more important task than web page design, since earning directly depends on 100% of what the consumer sees in front of him.
Online store. In the modern era of online shopping and enormous competitiveness, it is important to lure the consumer to his own resource. The convenience of using an online store is the key to its profitability. If your site has the lowest prices on the market, but it is difficult to use, the store will lose a customer. In turn, thoughtful design increases profit before our eyes.
Our website design studio carries out all the work related to design, redesign, prototyping, creating logos and corporate identity.

Advantages of working with us:

Comprehensive services of a narrow and wide profile (layout design, branding, interface design, corporate identity).
Team (diversified designers with individual views).
Clarity of task formation (preliminary analytics, compilation of technical specifications, approval of the project by the customer, implementation, revisions, delivery).
Lack of scope (we take on small low-budget tasks without forcing the client to buy more services than he really needs; we will carry out a large-scale project from scratch).
Understanding (we combine experience, innovation, talent and imagination, as a result, the client receives a first-class product).
Creation of web design, correction of the existing style of the site – no matter what stage of development you contact us, the result will exceed your expectations. The Bro System is always one step ahead. Our customers experience a profit increase from the first days of launch. Our work is your guarantee of high conversion and brand recognition.

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