Advertising in Yandex and Google

The colossal amounts spent on advertising sometimes surprise even the most experienced businessmen. How to save the budget and get more profit? To do this, launch contextual advertising in Yandex and Google.

Its main functions and features:

Bring the site to the first position of the issue
Show ads only to an interested audience.
Complete a deal with a potential customer.
The problem with most companies is the uncertain and doubting client.

You went to the site, perhaps even added goods to the basket, but left the resource without making a purchase? Or are interested in the offer of a salon / restaurant / sports club, but are not sure of a solution, so close the tab.

Millions of Internet users browse dozens of pages of information of daily interest to them. But what percentage of them immediately makes a purchase / order?

Most of us are prone to hesitation in making decisions. “What if I find better,” “I need to think,” “Later I will return to this question” – and another fifty shades of doubt. The position of the service provider in this situation is more than win-win.

Quickly correct this situation is quite real.

Which advertising tool solves the issue?

To do this, you need to correctly configure ppc advertising in Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct. What is it?

Pay per click is a type of payment for advertising, which implies expenses only for the user’s perfect transition to the site. And most importantly – an ad is seen only by a “warm” consumer, already ready for purchase.

Contextual advertising consists in identifying a narrow target audience and placing offers only for those who are interested in them.

What happens Result
Placing an advertisement in the first lines of delivery More than 50% of users follow the 1st link, and with contextual advertising on Google or Yandex, your site is displayed on the first lines of delivery, that is, always in the consumer’s field of vision.
The appearance of advertising for interested consumers The ability to independently think through the text of the announcement and place it for “warm” customers – who previously visited the resource, were interested in the topic or buying a related service (bought a stroller – offer diapers).
Customization for the target audience with the ability to make changes Contextual advertising Yandex Direct and Google AdWords allows you to set the age, gender, status, interests of the people to whom the ad will be shown.
Remarketing A convenient feature that allows you to convince doubting buyers, direct appeal to the consumer, a visual demonstration of the information viewed, a reminder of the offer. This is the best way to close the lead.
Statistics of delivery and transitions. Fixation of results of delivery and analytics allow to determine the strengths of the advertising campaign and a narrow audience, increase the conversion of the site.
We looked at sites of building materials – offer trucking

We love and know our business, we always keep abreast of the latest technologies. Therefore, we combine the experience, innovation and talent of specialists in our work.

Bro System is:

Clear and competent setting of contextual advertising and professional ppc marketing.
Campaign management, regular analytics to improve performance.
You get:

Increase website conversion, client flow.
Brand recognition, consumer confidence.
Profit growth, business development.
PPC advertising Yandex Direct and Google AdWords will bring more business to your business, increase revenue. This is a wise investment in your business, as the result is immediately visible. The site is in the top, advertising is clearly segmented by the target audience, calls and sales are growing.

How contextual advertising works on examples

Situation 1. Online store “Switch” – sale of equipment.

Problem: The user browsed the site, opened several product cards, left the site.

What does Google AdWords or Yandex Direct do?

Ads “catch up” with the user on other sites, including social networks. He is shown the goods that he viewed.

Simple psychology works. Having again seen a product that was never purchased, most people return to the seller’s website.

Result: The transaction is completed.

Situation 2. The site of the beauty salon.

Problem: No customers.

What does Google AdWords or Yandex Direct do?

The settings of the advertising tool indicate the parameters of the potential buyer. In this case, these are women, age 18-50, location, etc.

Another option is to attract customers from other sites. Those. girls who searched on the gel varnish correction network and were on other sites (!) see an advertisement for a particular salon with an offer that interests them.

Result: New customer.

Situation 3. A platform with information on the provision of services “Husband for an hour”.

Problem: Competitors.

What does Google AdWords or Yandex Direct do?

When you enter a query into the search bar, the site is displayed in the first positions above the main search, that is, in a 100% visibility zone. As a rule, users trust the first sites to issue, as their reputation is considered the best, since they are ahead 🙂

Result: New order.

And even if the first time contextual advertising did not work, this is a huge leap forward for further development. Why?

People will find out about you.
A narrower circle of interested parties is determined, this allows saving on advertising.
You can use user data to form the correct CA offer (for example, “you watched TVs, here are our promotions”).
You know the client by sight (who it is, what it lives with, what it needs). And this is the most powerful advertising weapon with which the sea of sharks of business will be knee-deep to you.

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